Newborn Session Prep Guide

Hi! Congratulations on your new baby!

Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your new little one on his/her first few days of life.

Newborns are truly my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be around these little miracles so much. Below are a few tips to prepare for your session.


Newborn sessions are best between 4-14 days of life when baby is like to be most sleep and relaxed. But I am happy to photograph at any age.

The session can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on how he/she does, and let's be serious we work around their little

if you are scheduling your newborn session ahead of time, it is best to get your due date on my calendar as soon as possible, somewhere in the second trimester, but if your about to have your baby or just did, I will do my best to get you into my schedule. Once baby arrives, contact me right away and we will schedule your session and discuss details.

For Baby:

  • If nursing or bottle feeding breastmilk, try to eliminate caffeine from your diet for 72 hours prior to your session.

  • If bottle feeding, breastmilk or formula please bring along extra for during your session. (babies do great with full tummies).

  • Please feed baby about an hour prior to your session, and then that prior hour TRY and have some "awake time" if possible, try a bath, let them kick with only a diaper on,tickle their toes,etc. this will ensure those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures! I can't stress enough that it is so important to do your best to keep them awake. Many parents come in saying "the baby has been sleeping all morning,but don't worry they sleep so well this time of day!" only to have the baby wake up, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled.

  • Dress baby in button/zip up outfit, just ideally nothing that goes over the head so if they're sleepy when you arrive we don't disturb them too much :)

  • Please bring a pacifier (preferably the soothing pacifier the hospital provided. Even if you haven't used one yet or baby doesn't seem to take it, just for the 2-3 hours I am posing the baby it can really help. If you don't happen to have one, I keep unopened soothies here in the studio. However if you really prefer we don't use one, that is fine as well.

  • I have a huge and ever growing collection of headbands, hats, bonnets, wraps, boxes, baskets, tutus, and more, so no need to bring in anything from home unless there is something special you have or want included, just let me know ahead of time.

  • Please bring along extra diapers/wipes and burp cloth

  • I wash all my outfits and articles with Dreft baby, please let me know if baby has any sensitivities or requires special detergent at least 3 days before your session.​

For you:

  • The studio will be warm and toasty (80+ degrees ) so please dress layers you may remove if you get to warm.

  • There is a small area you may sit and watch the session.

  • if you are planning on parent photos, a simple white or light colored top or tank will be perfect, black or browns work too! Same goes for dad. Parent photos will take place the last 20-30min of your session. I do love photographing the connection between you and your baby! Even if you don't think you want to be in the photos, please reconsider. For the most part, shots are taken from the Chest up and take just a few minutes.(trust me I remember the postpartum feeling!) and they are only this little for a little while:) ​

For siblings:

I typically photography siblings at the end of the photo session . if you have younger children they may not want to sit through the 1st half of session. I recommend they arrive for the end of the session, but obviously are welcome at any time. 

My studio is located on the bottom level of my home 101 Maple Ave. Shelton CT 06484.You may park in the driveway and walk in through the front door.

It is my hope that you come to the studio feeling comfortable and at home. I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!